KUGR Update: An Eventful Fall


Hello from the 2016-2017 Board of Directors!

Last Spring, 75% of our previous Board graduated from the University and moved on from the station to start their careers. In the fall, we found ourselves under new management with several bright, new faces ready to continue the legacy of the graduating Class of 2016.

The 2016-2017 Board of Directors had many accomplishments this fall. At the beginning of the semester, the directors worked together to create the first concert for the station in years, called “Rock a’ Palouse a'”.


The concert was a big hit and a wonderful start for the new semester. It was followed by the “Witchin’ Costume Contest” and the annual Pong Tournament, featuring a prize football signed by the entire WSU Football Team!

The Sports Department had a successful season of broadcasts in Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Football. In the beginning of the year, they hosted a Q&A with KUGR alum Art Eckman, who gave them tips to improve their broadcasts. The Department is looking to continue these types of events this Spring, which are open to all students at the University.

A few members of the Board even got the chance to return to the CBI Conference for the second year in a row. Music Director Ellen Gordon, Production Director Jonah Markwith, and Fundraising Director Katherine Barner were able to travel to Philadelphia to attend conferences about college radio, bringing us back a lot of exciting new information.

Many new changes to come soon! We are excited to show you a new face of KUGR College Radio.