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The Stowell Excellence Fund for KUGR is an endowment fund that directly helps KUGR Cougar College Radio in updating aging equipment and traveling to major sporting events. Most recently, we sent a student-broadcaster to cover the WSU Women’s Soccer team’s trip through the 2019 NCAA tournament, and College Cup.

While KUGR receives funds from ASWSU’s financial committee, over half of that budget goes towards equipment upgrades and licensing of software. This leaves KUGR at a disadvantage for traveling to events – sports and music. That’s where alumni support comes into play.

While KUGR is not in any trouble financially whatsoever, your financial support helps future broadcasters expand their opportunities. Click here to support.

illuminati hotties Capital Hill Block Party Interview

KUGR DJ Spencer McCarty sits down with Sarah Tudzin of illuminati hotties at the 2019 Capital Hill Block Party festival to talk about coordinated outfits and dog playlists.

Photo Credit: Kalista Newman
Photo Credit: Kalista Newman
Photo Credit: Kalista Newman
Photo Credit: Kalista Newman
Photo Credit: Kalista Newman
Photo Credit: Kalista Newman

A Photo Article With Jacq Maliq

Guitarist, lyricist, rapper, and producer, Jacq Maliq, incorporates alternative sounds with hip hop beats. Jacq’s lyrics speak directly to the pressures, liveliness, and lessons of today’s youth. In one of his tweets he writes, “God don’t make mistakes, got no regrets, my life is perfect,” which is exactly how we feel about this photo article. 

Jacq joined KUGR Program Director, Dara Breeze for a photo shoot in Freak Alley during Treefort Music Fest. 

Monsterwatch Treefort 2019 Video Interview

Seattle is known for a grunge and punk music scene, and Monsterwatch embodies that sound and style. But, Monsterwatch members John Spinney (guitar, vocals), Jack Cornwell (drums), and Ben Parker (bass) listen to musical genres outside of punk.

Ben says he listens to folk music, while one of John’s favorite bands is Tame Impala. John continued to say that he likes to listen to different genres because he takes song structures from those other genres and uses them in his writing process. 

Find out more about this group below with Kat’s Cadenza host Katherine Barner. 

Wildermiss Treefort 2019 Video Interview

Emerging from the wilderness of Colorado we find indie-pop rock band Wildermiss. With only two years of being together, Wildermiss toured the United States in 2018 with The Oh Hellos and are continuing on that path by touring with Bronze Radio Return in 2019. 

Learn more about this band with Kat’s Cadenza host Katherine Barner!

Lounge On Fire Treefort 2019 Video Interview

If you’re looking for a new musical genre to dive into, you’ve found it with Lounge On Fire. They bring a mix of rock n roll, funk, jazz, and ska music together to create Sexedelpic Freak Funk. You can find up-beat ska like tunes with their songs such as Huff, and Like A Cockroach, calmer soft rock tunes with I Told You So and jazz style instrumentals with We Are Cyborgs. 

Kat’s Cadenza host, Katherine Barner chats with Lounge on Fire at Treefort Music Fest 2019. 

Caroline Rose Treefort Interview

Back in March, KUGR went to Treefort Music Festival in Boise, Idaho. While we were there we were able to grab some great interviews. The first of that collection is from Spencer our Music Director interviewing Caroline Rose. Check it out below and hear her music on KUGR!