Interested in Having Your Own Show?

Fall 2014 – As the new semester approaches, you’re probably trying to figure out how you want to get involved!  Well, if you’re interested in broadcasting, look no further! KUGR offers the opportunity to host your own weekly radio show with full creative control over the content!

Not only are there opportunities to gain experience in the studio, KUGR also offers opportunities to join our fundraising, promotions, and sports teams! You can learn the ins and outs of broadcasting live sports games at Washington State University, assist in the fundraising and philanthropic events hosted by KUGR, or assist our promotions team by promoting KUGR on and off the WSU campus.

You can download applications from our website and submit it to the KUGR offices located at Murrow 301.  Also, keep your eyes open for an announcement about our General Meeting for Fall 2014 where there will be sign-ups for training sessions and all the info you’ll need to become a member of KUGR!

If you have questions about joining or the various opportunities available through KUGR, email our program director at


KUGR’s Board of Directors